How Twitter Can Improve Your Search Engine Ranking Position

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Whenever any individual produces a new site or develops a site, they believe quite soon their page will probably be in the preliminary position in regards to search engine optimization.  They keep hitting key words to in Google’s search expecting that one day their website will show up on the main page with utmost popularity quotient.  The question is how many individuals succeed in doing this?

There are many search engine optimization methods available to improve the page rank folks become confused and dazed in regards to following these search engine optimization tactics.  The simple thing you ought to know about search engine optimization is a fact that jelqing and key words play a very critical role in determining your page ranking, but the Google algorithm is still a puzzle so much since they have not shown what impacts your page ranking.

 seo twitter follwoers

Twitter has been a really successful social networking platform which functions as a very practical advertising tool utilized by everyone and anyone for their company advertising and marketing.  Twitter followers can really assist you in a direct way to boost your page rank.To support this concept of twitter being a search engine optimization tool many experimentations are done to demonstrate twitter as a powerful medium for Improve page rank and as all of us know that Google respects those sites that are highly reputed so when twitter followers are mentioning your website URL on twitter it’ll be certainly known by Search engines.  Recently, one well known UK Search Engine Optimization agency has claimed that Twitter engagement can enable you to have a better search engine ranking, and they claim they’ve achieved success by following this technique from quite a long time.

From musicians to politicians, everybody is using this site and twitter followers are reaping extraordinary benefits from this as they’re getting noticed by the innumerous audience who will likely open their websites and blogs that they tweet.


Following are some ways that can effectively Allow You to improve your page ranking:

Follow back technique

this technique isn’t just employed by twitter followers but also by active bloggers who have this silent protocol saying, “I will follow, after that, you need to follow me back.”  Surprisingly, this technique works like a magic wand.  So in twitter you comply with some folks can be celebrities won’t follow you back, but some individuals will positively pursue you back as a result if they connect with you in some way like a business or hobbies, they will definitely see your site or blog when you tweet.  This has been demonstrated to be the most frequent procedure to increase page ranking used buy Twitter followers.


it’s informally called ‘ favor for a favor’ because when you impress something, and you retweet it like if you like one of your colleague friend’s tweet, and you did a retweet and shared it with all your twitter followers more likely this cycle continues, and that person might retweet later on your tweet and raising the popularity.

Twitter Hashtag

you’ll be amazed to know the sum of bot activity, which is happening twitter which may enable you to raise your page rank and allow you to get indexed in search engine page.  You ought to know about the Twitter hash tag if not, then in simple words these are tags, which can be used while posting a new tweet which functions as a normal tag and makes your tweet noticeable in the criteria of the hash tags used for it.  Use of hash tags increases the visibility of the tweets among targeted twitter followers who will most likely visit your blogs and websites due to the connection.

Share and Improve

This is essential to have if twitter followers wish to boost the page rank of their websites or blogs.  You have to add a sidebar for sharing the report or blog post by twitter so people who will drop by your page will share the article with their followers over the twitter, and hence your page link will move more resulting into more great tweets.  Sharing is shown to be more effective in improving page rank and get twitter followers are using share options to better their page position.

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